POV, Yeah You Know Me

Music business is a fascinating thing, isn’t it?

It all starts with a song. You want to make money with that song, don’t you? So you buy rights to protect that song. You hire a producer and a band to play and record that song. You get a publisher to track every time that song is played. You create merchandise to market that song. You travel around so, when face to face with the masses, you can share that song. You advertise on several forms of media so you can tell the whole world about that song. You develop a fan base to know just who is interested in that song. And you go through all of this for one simple reason: a song that never sees the light of day never sees a paycheck, either.

So why should you care? Why should I care?  I’ll tell you why I care. Believe it or not, the music business is everywhere. When you watch television, isn’t there always some kind of music playing in the background? When you go to Walmart to pick up your Great Value brand soy milk, isn’t there some kind of music playing over the PA? Go to any store or place of business, there will be some kind of catchy, soothing, irritatingly captivating music. It is highly likely that at least two of the products in your kitchen or bedroom or bathroom have been endorsed by some celebrity musician. Never play Six Degrees of Spotify or Pandora; you will quickly get bored of how often you are only one degree of separation away. Your YouTube browser history has Vevo or Warner in it, doesn’t it? We have a multitude of television channels and websites devoted to music. If you still consider the music business to be a small niche, you may want to pull out a dictionary and look up the word “niche.”

In addition to the music business’s vast presence, it is also in a constant state of evolution. When was the last time you purchased a full score to your favorite song? When was the last time you sat and listened to the radio for the evening in your smoking parlor? How many vinyls do you personally own? How many major labels can you name without thinking about it? Do you really consider that album’s lead single to be its pinnacle? Did you even buy that album in its entirety? Did you?

I consider myself a student of this fantastic beast and an expert at finding it. (That one was for you, Harry Potter fans!) I’m so devoted to this animal, I’ve decided to go thousands of dollars into debt to the Federal government to pursue it. As a college student, my tangy blend of hope, wit, and cynicism could change the music business as we know it. In such a perpetually moving field, I don’t believe it’s difficult at all to raise a holy racket and make a difference, start a trend, or launch a precedent.

Follow me on this traipse through the music industry. See what’s happening in one of the most influential fields of business in the world. See what I think and create your own opinions. Learn how to make a tasty  red pepper hummus in under ten minutes! I promise to deliver nothing less to you than what’s new, what’s happening, and what’s the view from 214.

-Isaac D.


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