Non-Dairy Music

We are all aware that the Music Industry is going through some kind of pubescent or menopausal change with the current times. In order to keep the industry healthy, we have to be careful what we consume; you are what you eat, after all. Today, the music business has declared itself lactose intolerant.

Excuse me, what did I just say? Allow me to elaborate.

Technology giant Samsung is currently under fire for its new, improved, and exploding Galaxy Note 7. While the Korean company is trying to recover its losses, it has also silently allowed its streaming service to go by the wayside. As of today, Milk Music’s service has been discontinued.

But don’t worry, Milk users. Samsung has heard your (pathetic and virtually inaudible) cries. Milk users are being redirected to Slacker Radio, the service that originally powered Samsung’s streaming service, and are being offered a free 14-day trial of premium subscription plus the ability to transfer over all of their music from Milk. According to Slacker Radio, which will now be receiving a sizable portion of ex Milk users, “You’ve pretty much been listening to us all along.”

Unlike the average American, I was aware of Milk’s existence. However, like most Americans, I didn’t really care. I mean, come on. I could get comparable, if not superior, freemium streaming services like Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Spotify without buying a phone the size of a dinner plate. If you are an aggrieved user of the now discontinued Milk, I am sorry for your loss, but my sympathies are few, as I was not a fan of the service.

So, what does this mean for the music industry? Well, general public, brace yourselves for the next trend resurgence in the music business! What trend is this? Death.

Think about it in terms of the major labels. We’ve gone from six major labels to three since the 1980s. Labels live, have a glory day, decay, and then are divided and sold into oblivion. And all this is coming out of an age where, if you wanted to be somebody, you had to be signed to a label.

Today, labels aren’t so important; the throne has been taken over by streaming. As the music business faces imminent challenges of the streaming market, streaming is poised to enter a golden age of its own. And, while a golden age does mean thriving, it takes a lot of death to get there. The way I see it, Milk Music is just one of the first of a series of streaming casualties. Services are going to continue to be bought out and discontinued and their users are going to be fed into the next big thing. The growth and death of companies is to be expected, no matter how long they’ve been around. (I’m looking at you, EMI.) Or, in Milk’s case, this is the farmer taking the runt of the litter and bashing its little brains out with a hammer.

For Milk users, the switch to Slacker Radio will definitely be an adjustment. But, who knows! Life without Milk could be a pretty good thing. I’ve cut milk out of my diet since late August and my singing voice has never been better.

If you’d like to read the article that prompted this post, check it out here.

Once again, this has been the view from 214.


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