Ghosts Aren’t Real

The legendary country artist has announced harbingers of the death of his own streaming/music sale service, GhostTunes. Here's the thing about GhostTunes's fated passage into eternity: no one cares. I hadn't even heard of GhostTunes until half an hour ago. It is highly likely that artists whose music is featured and on the site don't know the site exists either. The fact of the matter is that you have to follow these rules, if you want to keep your relevancy and your marketability.


Wilds of the Amazon (Prime)

Like many college students, I have an Amazon account which I use to buy books, gear for my room, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I love Amazon so much that I have my own Student Prime account, which gets me faster shipping and a library of movies via my laptop. However, Amazon is broadening its horizons, in terms of media. In fact, Amazon has recently announced its new unlimited music streaming service, catapulting it forth into the music industry. While this is definitely a business savvy move for the company, some of its intended practices seem a bit off.

Show Me the Money!

Money. Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money. When you go into the music industry, that is all your support system, your desires to advance, and even your fans want to talk about. Eventually, you kinda want it to go away and just make music in a cave where the IRS can't hear you or find you. Pain in the bum as it is, it is quite necessary to further your career. We all know that a major label is good for "star power" and bad for money, but how bad can it really be?

Going Viral

It may not feel like it to some of us yet, but Autumn is upon us. Now, this does mean that a few of our favorite things return to greet us like pumpkin-spiced God knows what, trees changing to spectacular shades of orange and gold, and, my personal favorite, Halloween. However, Autumn does mean the return of some seasonal evils: UGG boots, family gatherings, the common cold and influenza. With all of this crap soon to be flying around in the air, it's important to get vaccinated, take especially good care of your health, and avoid getting an infection or virus at all costs.

Whack-A-Mole: Not as Much Fun as it Sounds

Hey, kids! Would you like to play a friendly game of carnival style whack-a-mole? No? Neither would the music industry! And, yet, here we are today, still waiting for those sneaky rascals to pop up out from their infernal holes. Wait, what? Hold on, allow me to explain; this will all make sense in a few minutes. Actually, it may not for a few people, so just sit back and try to understand what's going on.