Love Hate

What would our media be if everyone was always on their best behavior? What would we be listening to on the radio or in our music if everyone always played in accordance to the seven virtues? What would television and the news be if everyone acted within their stock character type? It would definitely be wholesome, but it would also be boring.


The Prince and the Peeved

However, kids, she is NOT the first artist to fight so fiercely for artist rights. Before Taylor Swift ever began singing, there was Prince, or, as we should say, the artist formerly known as Prince, or The Love Symbol, depending on your preference. As much as we like to call Ms. Swift frigid and beastly for protecting her rights, Prince makes her look civil. And, even in death, Prince is still battling for his rights.

Fight for Your Right

America is no stranger to internal conflict. We've had one doozey of an election cycle, two highly polarized political parties, and several schools of thought which constantly seem at war with each other. While some of these issues lend our people to Not-In-My-Backyard syndrome, we as musicians, creators, and art lovers have always had something to say. Always ones to brand ourselves, we take different stances and go to war with each other, all for the sake of making our own voices heard and getting our ideals out into the world.

YouDon’t Get It Red: Still Stupid, But it’s New-ish

The video streaming service has been pushing its paid viewing service, YouTube Red, on us for about a year now, trying to break into the premium streaming market. The idea itself of YouTube Red is interesting because it features some of our favorite YouTubers in big-time content like web series and professional movies. While this is really cool for the creators and YouTube personalities, the YouTube execs are soon to face a cold reality.