Exclusives for Spotify

Spotify. We know it, we love it, we use it, we think it's less of a douche bag than Apple Music. While most of us think this company is pretty cool and supports the industry, it's sitting on a huge volcano of debt which could erupt any day now. Despite the fact that the company is worth $8.5 billion, Spotify took out $1.5 billion in loans just last year alone. Wall Street continues to reject Spotify's public listing and desire to sell stock because the company isn't making enough money. What is Spotify to do?


Russian Around Licensing

I like to listen to my Discover Weekly playlist as I fold my unmentionables. I've got plenty of other playlists which I enjoy exercising and jamming to. I think it's safe to say that I like Spotify. You know who else likes Spotify? People in countries where Spotify hasn't been licensed. Excuse me, what? The biggest offender in this case is the country of Russia. Russia is a member of the group of counties where Spotify is not licensed. Spotify cannot keep track of royalties and pay adequately according to currency in certain countries, so the software isn't licensed there. That doesn't mean people go without however.